Application examples / part cleaning

Machining processes use substantial volumes of coolant to protect the machinery and materials against premature wear. These processes use oils and emulsions. This mix of process consumables presents no problem for our IDO 36 degreaser. Incorporated water is automatically separated and is thus not able to further degrade the cleaning process. Waterspots are avoided by our shower-rinse process upgrade.

Surface tension is then optimized by the high-immersion use of highly-purified solvent vapor. Even when the raw material exhibits a high burden of chips and contaminants prior to the washing cycle, a combination of the right washing mode and washing container can nevertheless reduce the particulate surface burden to a maximum of 150 µm.

Reliable avoidance of acid formation

Coolants used in punch-press and deep-drawing operations are frequently highly chlorinated. The free chlorine and high temperatures in cleaning equipments frequently result in extensive corrosion damage and a very high use of consumables. The low-impact cleaning process of the IDO and the optimized process control by integrating a DESTA ensure that the temperatures in the equipment at all times remain low enough to prevent further acid formation.

By focusing on the essential elements, the acids generated during the punching operation and then incorporated into the equipment cannot cause unnoticed corrosion. If damage nevertheless occurs in rare cases, each module of the part cleaning equipment is easily accessible and can be replaced individually.

Many years of use in medical engineering

The IDO is also used in medical engineering. For instance, it has been reliably cleaning tooth drills at one of our customers since 2013. A major challenge in this case is to remove oil residue that bonds to the intermediate products to a surface tension of 72mN/m in spite of almost closed product containers and an extremely high packing density.